Big Data Analysis and Utilization

Mocoplex analyzes various log files generated by client site through the best Collaborative Filtering (C/F) based recommendation engine to expose personalized content to all customers visiting the site on real-time basis.

In addition, the collected data can be used as external advertisements to maximize marketing efficiency by attracting new and potential customers.

Mocoplex uses real-time data that reflects the characteristics of advertisers, rather than simple visitors and product-based views, and uses them in more sophisticated retargeting advertisements.

Online Ad product creation and operation

Mocoplex proposes and operates optimal advertising products by analyzing the needs of clients.

Through Mocoplex One-script/SDK integration on client’s site, Mocoplex can run various campaigns on multiple media channels integrally.

In addition, Mocoplex provides an integrated marketing report that allows clients to compare performance on the same basis by eliminating the duplication of conversion actions across multiple marketing channels.

Platform development and consulting

We proposes effective Ad system built-up and business direction for online advertising operation.

There are many ways to actually implement something you imagine.Through our know-how in the online advertising market, Mocoplex provides customized services in all areas from real-world platform design to development so that you can choose the right solution for the ever-changing market.

Ads / Analysis Client Module Development

RTB base Back-end Platform Development

Data Analysis and Ad Operation Development

Rich Media Creative creation and operation

To capture the user's attention and effectively deliver the message of the campaign, Mocoplex provides Rich Media Creative based on HTML5.

With Rich Media Creative, advertisers can increase the engagement with the behavior of their audience, and their actions which can leverage the aggregated data to develop more effective campaigns.

Mocoplex provides customized or templated Rich Media Creatives to optimize your needs.

The leading Technology Company in Digital Marketing

Mocoplex was established in 2011 and started to supply SSP (Supply Side Platform) service for the first time in Korea. Since 2014, it introduced an RTB (Real Time Bidding) based exchange system to buy and sell online media more efficiently

Through the DSP (Demand Side Platform), we are pioneering the market by developing advertising products that meet the needs of various advertisers.

In addition, it operates a mobile-specific rich media advertising product developed using the 3D engine for the first time in the world, giving a fresh impression to advertisers who are not familiar with existing mobile advertising.

Since its inception, Mocoplex was invested about 5 billion won of external investment from companies such as Bon Angels Partners, IMM Investments, Cyber Agent Ventures (Japan) and NHN Entertainment, which are the best venture capital companies in Korea and abroad. Also continues collaboration with Naver and Line Global for the development of a global advertising platform.